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  • 15 June - nominations for the 1st Semester (Winter Semester)
  • 30 June - application documents for the 1st Semester (Winter Semester)
  • 30 November - nominations for the 2nd Semester (Summer Semester)
  • 15 December- application documents for the 2nd Semester (Summer Semester)

Application procedure

Before you apply for an Erasmus+ mobility here you need to be oficially nominated by your university. Thus make sure your International Office sends a nomination letter/email to us first.


Important info:

In line with the requirements of the Erasmus+ Programme and the Erasmus Without Paper Initiative, UTH have adopted the Online Learning Agreement (OLA).  OLA is an online tool that allows mobile higher education students to prepare, submit and sign their learning agreements online.  This means that you are expected to fill in and send your Online Learning Agreement through the OLA tool (traditional LA can be accepted in exceptional cases only)

The detailed description of the application with OLA is provided further below in this section

Steps to take:

  1. Select your UTH English-taught Courses you want to do during your mobility and have them approved by your home university (please select the courses from the current list of English-taught courses available at UTH)
  2. Fill in the Application Form and get the other documents
  3. Fill in the Online Learning Agreement
  4. Check to see if you need to obtain a visa, and if so, apply for one (– we will send you an acceptance letter to help you get your visa if required)
  5. Send the whole set of documents to UTH Erasmus+ Coordinator

Documents to be sent to the UTH Erasmus+ Coordinator:

  1. UTH Application Form
  2. Transcript of Records (in English)
  3. Online Learning Agreement (OLA)
  4. Proof of your English Language skills (minimum B1)
  • Having been admitted to the programme, the UTH Erasmus+ Coordinator will approve of your Online Learning Agreement and send you an Acceptance Letter.

This procedure should be used when you are applying for a mobility period using OLA:

OLA (The Online Learning Agreement) is an online tool that allows mobile higher education students to prepare, submit and sign their learning agreements online. Thus you will fill in all the necessary information regarding your study plan proposal in OLA and it will be signed by three parties (the student, the responsible person at Home Institution and the responsible person at UTH).

  • The first step you need to take is to register on the Portal or APP.

Having registered and signed in, you will need to fill in all the compulsory fields about yourself, your Home University and UTH. Below find the necessary information regarding UTH:

Institution Name: Uczelnia Techniczno-Handlowa im. Heleny Chodkowskiej

Erasmus Code: PL WARSZAW17

Address: Jutrzenki 135 , 02-791 Warszawa, Poland

Telephone: +48 661887701


Name of the Responsible Person: Piotr Kazmierczak

Position: Institutional Coordinator

Contact of the Responsible Person:

Field of Education: you can use the ISCED Code Finder, type in your study area and them selected the appropriate code.

  • Following that initial information you will need to choose your courses at UTH and insert them in the “Proposed Mobility Programme Table A”.
  • The next step is to fill in Table B by choosing the courses for which you will have academic recognition at your Home Institution.
  • After having filled in all the steps you will need to sign the document, which is automatically sent to your Home Institution’s contact person to be validated, signed and finally sent to the Responsible Person at UTH.


UTH Buddy

  • We do have our UTH Buddies - a group of student volunteers who will be happy to assist you in your everyday problems.  For details, refer to the UTH Erasmus+ Coodrinator

Make sure that you bring these documents with you:

  • Passport / ID Card
  • Visa (if required); Schengen Visa is recommended
  • Health Insurance valid in Poland (full insurance recommended)
  • Full covid vaccination - highly recommended